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Xerox Accelerating Workplace Productivity, Supporting Clients' Digital Transformation Journeys

Xerox Accelerating Workplace Productivity, Supporting Clients' Digital Transformation Journeys

Xerox Holdings Corp. has launched a new advertising campaign, "We make work, work." The company’s most significant brand and demand-generation initiative in recent history, the new campaign demonstrates Xerox’s deep understanding of its clients’ pain points and the workflow solutions they require to succeed in today’s dynamic hybrid workplace.

"Today’s workers — from the enterprise to the mid-market and across verticals — are under new stress from the demands of the modern workplace," said Steve Bandrowczak, CEO, Xerox. "Whether that’s driven by an uncertain economy, an explosion of unstructured data or the expectation of doing more with less, employees need solutions that can help them overcome these challenges. Companies must take advantage of technology and automation to improve the productivity and engagement of their employees. Delivering these solutions and enabling the digital transformation journeys of our clients is Xerox’s top priority on the road ahead."

The "We make work, work" campaign emphasizes Xerox’s commitment to supporting clients in the hybrid environment undergoing digital transformations, while simultaneously building on the historical strength of the company’s workplace solutions. Starting today, the campaign will launch across the United States with video on digital and streaming services, as well as podcasts, print and digital ads in the New York Times, supplemented by regional out-of-home across the New York City metropolitan area, including in LaGuardia, JFK and the Nasdaq Tower.

"Xerox remains a household name as the leading provider of print technology, yet some aren’t aware of our full breadth of workplace technology offerings, most notably the next generation of business decision-makers," said Deena LaMarque Piquion, chief marketing officer, Xerox. "Through this campaign, we’ll work to redefine the Xerox brand and showcase the entire suite of our modern-day workplace solutions: IT and digital services, security, software, advanced automation, AI and AR solutions and, of course, print."

In addition to its existing suite of print, digital and IT services solutions, in the years ahead, Xerox will roll out new offerings tailored toward client-centricity, industry relevance and "making work, work."

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