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Tigerpaw Releases Tigerpaw 22.1

Tigerpaw Releases Tigerpaw 22.1

Tigerpaw has announced the release of Tigerpaw 22.1. The release is loaded with new time-saving automations and a whole range of features developed in collaboration with existing customers and industry insider groups. While what Tigerpaw has created for managed print services dealers is unlike anything else on the market, the new functionality benefits all customers, regardless of the line of business they serve.

What's new in Tigerpaw 22.1?

New Integration Hub – a brand new technology stack

Ready for quick and efficient integrations? The Integration Hub allows Tigerpaw to add partners with minimal coding. That means integrations can be added at any time instead of waiting for a new release of Tigerpaw. (Existing Tigerpaw customers can log into the Tigerpaw Community to submit requests for additional vendors to add.)  

Automatically create purchase orders from service orders

Every manual step you eliminate in your business pays off in increased productivity. The new Auto Purchasing feature in 22.1 lets you customize: (1) which items to order; (2) whether those items need to be drop-shipped; (3) when the order is ready to be sent to the vendor; and (4) which vendor to select. By reducing data-entry time, you free your team to work on more value-added activities that help your business grow. 

Automated purchase order processing & advanced shipping notifications

Let Tigerpaw seamlessly send the PO to the preferred vendor and retrieve the ASN, including the shipment tracking number, whether you create a PO manually or through the new automated inventory replenishment.  

Quickly & efficiently add multiple meters & groups to selected items

Multiple meters contracts now offer the option to assign a meter and meter group to multiple selected items at once. This new functionality dramatically reduces the time it takes to set up new contracts, update pricing on existing contracts or add new devices to a contract.  

Conveniently map related items

Connect several Price Book Items to Related Items at one time during your import. As you renegotiate pricing with your vendors, you can now easily import new pricing and relate consumables or parts to equipment model using this new utility.  

More workflow and import tools save you time & increase consistency

With updates to Tigerpaw's Automation Agent, you can now automate workflows and improve efficiencies across even more of your business. Use this tool to create and configure automatic service orders using any data collection tool that offers email alerts. If a collection agent or monitoring tool knows anything about a device, Tigerpaw can create a service order, which can then turn into a purchase order and auto invoice.

Retain data for multiple meters contracts

Tigerpaw has replaced the option to renew a multiple meters contract with the option to extend the contract. Extending a contract retains important historical information, such as meter readings and billing records, through the new end date of the extended contract.  

Historically, Tigerpaw has released new versions two to three times per year, but it is excited to share it is moving to a release cycle of every two months. That means more great updates are headed your way in July.

This reduced time between releases allows Tigerpaw to get bug fixes and new features in customers' hands more quickly. Plus, Tigerpaw will get feedback earlier in the development process and be able to respond quickly to changes introduced by our technology and integration partners.

The features in Tigerpaw 22.1 and those the company has on its priority list continue to build on Tigerpaw's excellent fit for converged services providers. If you are managing services across more than one channel (managed IT, managed print services, pro A/V, physical security and more), you owe it to yourself to learn more about how Tigerpaw positions your business for growth. Download the free Managed Services Guide to New Vertical Growth to learn more.

Tigerpaw has also added several new features in its 22.1 release to address previously unmet needs in the managed print services industry.

The new features further solidify Tigerpaw's convergence-ready platform as the only business automation software on the market that allows office technology dealers to manage both print and other managed technology services in a single platform.

"The managed print services space is evolving," said James Foxall, president & CEO, Tigerpaw. "Tigerpaw has been a part of transformational change in other industries and we wanted to use that experience to help print services evolve, too. We're excited to provide new tools that will help MPS providers to increase efficiencies and grow their businesses."

Key Tigerpaw 22.1 MPS features include:

  • Multiple metered billing through a dynamic, mappable DCA import engine that supports all OEM and third-party collection tools
  • A configurable workflow tool to automate everything from contract invoicing to vendor PO/ASN generation 
  • An automation agent that allows both customer and team member alerts to be triggered without a third-party application 
  • Ability to add new devices and set up contracts from any DCA that can be mapped
  • Automated service order creation from DCA import email alerts
  • Streamlined new contract and MACD setup

Tigerpaw continues to work with the MPS Insiders Group, a collaborative community of dealers working together to build an ERP solution that is innovative and designed specifically to meet their needs.

"We didn't want to say, ‘Here, we built something, here's what you need,'" said Trevor Moses, vice president of customer success, Tigerpaw. "We asked what was working and what wasn't with our system and with competitive systems. We also wanted to fill in gaps, the things dealers said, ‘By the way, it would be really cool if it would do these things.' Then we included the group along the entire development path so we could get their input on what we were building to make sure we understood what they asked for."

Tigerpaw has a new release schedule geared to rolling out product updates six times a year. That enables the company to respond quickly to add features and address gaps in the industry as they're identified.  

"Tigerpaw's focus is helping customers run better businesses so they can sleep better at night," Foxall said. "We are thrilled to bring that approach to the managed print industry and be a partner that supports positive change."

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