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TD SYNNEX Report Shows 186% Increase in North American Resellers Planning to offer AI/ML Solutions

TD SYNNEX Report Shows 186% Increase in North American Resellers Planning to offer AI/ML Solutions

Findings of a new supplement to the TD SYNNEX 2023 Direction of Technology Report show that channel partners in North America are increasingly focused on expanding their high-growth technology capabilities like artificial intelligence (AI), data analytics and cybersecurity through both investment and skill acquisition. Specifically, the number of North American partners planning to offer AI/machine learning (ML) solutions jumped to 40%, compared to just 14% the year before.

With this backdrop, 77% of North American channel partners are anticipating at least some revenue increase in 2023. To continue to grow amid the evolving business landscape, channel partners are redefining their strategies, with a heightened focus on services, workforce development and adaptability, according to the report.

"This survey is one example of the many investments we make to help our partners find ways to address the challenges and opportunities they face," said Peter Larocque, president, North America, TD SYNNEX. "Getting a pulse on what partners are focused on both today and in the next two years allows us to help them take their businesses to the next level. We have many capabilities in this space, including product breadth, services, coverage and solutions. We want to make sure we always deliver what is needed."

The second-annual Direction of Technology (DoT) Report is the result of a survey of more than 550 technology partners — including resellers, systems integrators, service providers and MSPs — across more than 60 countries. Findings of the North American supplement identified five key trends:

(1) Thirty-seven percent of partners are now offering AI/ML solutions and 40% plan to offer them within the next two years. Networking, cybersecurity and data analytics are regarded as key drivers of revenue. North American partners also consider data analytics a promising investment opportunity, with 46% planning to offer it within two years.

(2) Sixty-three percent of partners cited hiring for business planning and managed services skills as their top business priorities, as demand for AI/ML and data analytics skills outpaces global average. More than 50% of partners cited AI/ML and data analytics as skill sets they are currently hiring for. Investment in security skills is also of importance, with nearly 30% currently recruiting those skills.

(3) Partners are continuing to shift toward services, including a nearly 250% jump in sales of product life-cycle services and 80% increase in resale of packaged services. While the sale of hardware remains important, share is shifting to consumption and life-cycle models. The number of partners selling their own IP also increased 40% from the prior year.

(4) 36% of resellers included ESG among their top areas of expertise needed. More than 60% of partners plan to offer ESG and DEI solutions within the next two years. Currently, 39% of partners are investing in DEI metrics and certifications, showing a shift in focus.

(5) More than 60% of partners stated that adapting to external factors is currently a key challenge. Fifty percent stated that increased competition and margin pressures are top challenges. Looking ahead, almost 40% of partners stated that digitally transforming their companies will be a challenge within two years. Also, more than one-third of partners expect recruitment to be a challenge in the future.

The Direction of Technology survey was conducted from May to July 2023 and captured feedback from more than 550 B2B channel partners from more than 60 countries in global regions of North America, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), and Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ). The MSP Special Report, as well as the North American and European supplements, are now available. Regional reports for LAC and APJ will be published later this year.

To download the North American supplement, as well as the European supplement, MSP special report and full 2023 Direction of Technology report, visit

In other news, TD SYNNEX has announced high-impact partner-driven updates at its largest North American customer event of the year, CommunitySolv. Building on a successful launch of its Partner Directory earlier, TD SYNNEX will roll out additional enhancements to the platform based on direct user feedback, exclusively available for CommunitySolv members.

Additionally, TD SYNNEX announced an expansion of its recently launched partner-led CommunitySolv peer groups. During its pilot phase, TD SYNNEX facilitated the creation of customer-led peer groups where community members work together to share industry insights and business ideas that foster their growth and success in the channel. The connections that have already been made are proving the value behind a community program and the necessity of agnostic peer-to-peer interaction. This helps the IT ecosystem as a whole to be more connected to the voice of the customer. Driven by the pilot groups' success, CommunitySolv will continue to build and facilitate additional groups throughout 2024.

"We are constantly evolving our program to ensure we are providing the highest value to our members, and these new additions reflect thoughtful feedback from our partners on what will make the biggest impact for their business," said Kaye McMillan, senior vice president of sales development and communities, TD SYNNEX. "We appreciate the commitment our partners make to this community and look forward to continued partnership that enables their growth in a variety of ways."

These updates were shared with the CommunitySolv audience during a three-day event in Palm Springs, California. More than 400 customers from the U.S. and Canada attended the annual event, which is the largest gathering of TD SYNNEX North American customers of the year and gives the opportunity for TD SYNNEX to share its vision and strategy with valued partners for the upcoming year.

CommunitySolv member Anthony J. D'Ambrosi, CEO of ATSG, shared his perspective on the program updates. 

"As a longtime customer and Advisory Council member for TD SYNNEX, I am excited to experience and benefit from the progression of their impressive ecosystem enablement strategy," D'Ambrosi said. "Recognizing that we are now in the era of managed services and partner-to-partner cooperation, the TD SYNNEX CommunitySolv approach is precisely in line with today's requirements, be it their focused events, partner portals and/or facilitated peer group forums."

Canadian CommunitySolv member Brian Oleksiuk, president and CSO with Oxygen Technologies, also added his thoughts. 

"TD SYNNEX recognizes that as a distributor they are empowered to simplify the journey partners have in navigating the vast options IT manufacturers can provide, but TD SYNNEX also understands that they are now in a position to act as an aggregator within their reseller community," Oleksiuk said. "They are achieving this through their new peer groups and Partner Directory, making it easier for their partners to leverage each other, providing services and resources in areas and places that were once thought to be unattainable."

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