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Square 9 Simplifies Common Business Tasks With GlobalForms Spring 2022 Release

Square 9 Simplifies Common Business Tasks With GlobalForms Spring 2022 Release

Square 9 Softworks has announced the latest release of its GlobalForms web forms design platform. The new release of GlobalForms simplifies web form creation through an extended no-code platform, allowing business users to easily create advanced web forms for data capture while eliminating paper from their business processes.

With the spring 2022 release, users will find it easier to leverage the extended functionality within GlobalForms through an updated feature set that utilizes simple drag-and-drop and drop-down menus for form creation. As a result, business users will be able to rapidly incorporate data calculations, conditional values and more with web forms that truly transform business processes and meet ever-changing employee, customer and partner needs.

"GlobalForms has always been a powerful tool to forge digital transformation in any business," said Stephen Young, president and CEO, Square 9 Softworks. "With the GlobalForms spring 2022 release, we are empowering users with advanced features through a simplified design interface so they can build more dynamic forms on their own and in less time."

The GlobalForms spring 2022 release provides increased visibility into form submissions by allowing users to create customized work queues or task lists. This increased visibility into the status of form submissions while they are still in process and delivers greater insights for managers while allowing users to aggregate all of their form activities into a single, customized view. The benefits of this flexibility will be felt throughout an organization as they gain a holistic view of their digitized business processes for improved decision-making.

Also included in the spring 2022 release is a new language localization tool that creates a library of translated fields that can be used again and again in future form creation to further reduce the design effort. Forms users would simply toggle between languages based on their individual preferences.

With the GlobalForms spring 2022 release, Square 9 remains committed to user feedback and demonstrating its continued dedication to customer innovation. For more information, please visit

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