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selltowin & IN2Communications Join the Consortium

selltowin & IN2Communications Join the Consortium

Stramaglio Consulting has announced that selltowin (sales training) and IN2communications (digital marketing services) have joined The Consortium.

Founded by award-winning sales performance coach Rick Lambert, selltowin and IN2communications provide OEMs, distributors and hundreds of MSPs with contemporary sales and marketing strategies to start, advance and win more deals. 

As a new member of The Consortium, the priority will be to share best practices with proven results in the areas of sales onboarding, cross-selling, LinkedIn coaching, customer-facing sales tools, marketing automation, website development, managed marketing services and AI powered enablers to grow the top and bottom lines of fellow members. 

"We're pumped to join the Consortium's elite group of industry leaders and help them grow with the industry's most powerful combination of professional sales training and digital marketing expertise," said Rick Lambert, founder and CEO, selltowin and IN2communications. "This is also a big win for our clients as we expose ourselves to many of the industry's brightest minds, which will, in turn, make our people and our offerings even stronger."

"We are thrilled to welcome selltowin and IN2communications to The Consortium, marking a significant step forward in our mission to drive the imaging channel's digital transformation," said Mike Stramaglio, president and CEO, Stramaglio Consulting. "Their focus on sales excellence and digital marketing aligns perfectly with our vision of fostering a collaborative environment where best practices and cutting-edge solutions accelerate growth and success for all."

In other news, Stramaglio Consulting has announced that Tekumo LLC, an intelligent service delivery platform that empowers organizations to source and manage local technical resources for installation and maintenance, as well as to monitor and support all connected devices and systems, has joined The Consortium.

Tekumo PRO simplifies the way partners can engage and manage service delivery using a "dynamic workforce" platform, while providing a "smart interface" for the monitoring and management of all connected devices. The benefits of such a system are that it provides a "single pane of glass" to view and manage all service delivery activity; it "standardizes workflow" and processes across an organization, enabling better consistency and quality of service outcomes; it "reduces" the number of individuals involved in service tracking and administration, as well as reduces cost through process automation and addresses "margin-stacking" by directly passing through the lowest technician cost. All of this is delivered as a "pay-as-you-go" service model that can be "fully integrated" into a customer's management systems. The result is: lower cost, less effort and more revenue — simply smarter.

Tekumo managed service — Tekumo understands the challenges that come with providing a resilient and adaptable service solution in today's landscape. Tekumo has prioritized the importance of being a reliable field service solution that can not only source top-notch technical resources for a wide range of services, but effectively manage those resources. With our cutting-edge technology, dedicated account managers and ability to drive efficiency via automation, Tekumo stands apart from the competition. Tekumo provides a robust offering of management services that can be tailored to a client's specific needs, including project management, break/fix repair, IMAC services, IT infrastructure support and much more.

As a new member of The Consortium, Tekumo is honored to be joining the list of members. It believes that partnership and collaboration are the backbone of future success.

"Tekumo is excited and eager to work with such a highly respected network of leaders in our respective verticals," said Derrick Youngblood, chief revenue officer, Tekumo. The Consortium is truly the definition of synergy and I strongly believe that, collectively, we will shape the future landscape of our beloved industry. We greatly look forward to embarking on this journey together."

The Consortium is assembled by Mike Stramaglio, president and CEO of Stramaglio Consulting, in order to establish an open collaborative platform that enables the Imaging channel to embrace and lead digital transformation (DX).

"We welcome Tekumo into The Consortium, and I am excited with this opportunity not just integrating a company but embracing a paradigm shift in service delivery," Stramaglio said. "Tekumo brings to the table a dynamic workforce platform and a comprehensive managed service suite that perfectly aligns with The Consortium's vision of nurturing growth and driving innovation."

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