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SalesChain’s Releases New Bundled Lead Screen

SalesChain’s Releases New Bundled Lead Screen

SalesChain has announced a major overhaul of its lead entry screen. It has replaced its existing form with an all-new bundled solutions selling lead screen. This updated version includes significant enhancements aimed at helping dealers with diverse offerings sell all the different products and services they offer right from SalesChain's order breakdown CPQ tool.

Why Build a New Lead Screen?

Quite simply, the purpose is to create a tailor-made experience for the different sales teams that work in today's complex dealerships. As dealerships continue to expand into more and more diverse offerings, it is likely that specialists in each different segment of the business are looking for more product- or service-specific details.

It is clear from industry feedback that users selling IT products and services do not want to use a software product that is designed exclusively for those selling copier/MFPs. In response to this feedback, SalesChain has created a single platform with lead and opportunity management processes for imaging hardware and services, IT products and services, document management and scanning services, VoIP systems and more. This allows salespeople to work in their way with their vernacular, and it allows businesses to better sell and track blended solutions.

Why Focus on Blended Solutions?

Product diversification in the office technology industry is becoming increasingly necessary as dealers focus on offerings that are compelling for work-from-home and hybrid offices.

The problem is that there are currently separate software ecosystems to accommodate sales in imaging, IT products and services, as well as management functions like forecasting, analytics and commissioning.

What SalesChain has created instead is a single, unified system that seamlessly connects all the separate processes required to keep your business running. The merging of these separate worlds can help dealers with diverse offerings get more of their product offerings to their customer base to future-proof their services and grow intelligently.

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