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RISO Acquires Toshiba Tec's Inkjet Head Business

RISO Acquires Toshiba Tec's Inkjet Head Business

RISO Kagaku Corp. has announced the acquisition of Toshiba Tec's inkjet head business. This development, executed through a company split, marks a significant shift in the office technology industry, impacting both RISO and Toshiba Tec's network of resellers. Here's a look at what this acquisition means for the industry.

Key Details of the Acquisition

  • Date of Agreement: Dec. 22, 2023
  • Nature of Acquisition: RISO will establish a new subsidiary to absorb the inkjet head business from Toshiba Tec and its consolidated subsidiary, Tec Precision Co. Ltd.
  • Financials: The new subsidiary will transfer approximately 7,120 million yen to Toshiba Tec and TPI as consideration for the acquisition.
  • Operational Transfer: The new subsidiary will inherit the assets, liabilities and operational frameworks of the inkjet head business.

Strategic Implications for RISO

  1. Expansion of Inkjet Technology: RISO, already known for its high-speed inkjet printers, gains a technological edge with this acquisition. The integration of Toshiba Tec's inkjet head technology broadens RISO's product capabilities.
  2. Alignment with RISO Vision 25: The acquisition aligns perfectly with RISO's eighth Medium-term Management Plan, especially in expanding its inkjet (IJ) business and establishing a robust, customer-oriented sales structure.

Impact on Office Equipment Resellers

  1. Diversified Product Portfolio: Resellers can anticipate a more diverse range of high-speed inkjet printers. This expansion will cater to a broader market segment, potentially increasing sales opportunities.
  2. Potential for Enhanced Product Performance: The merger of technologies from RISO and Toshiba Tec could lead to advancements in inkjet head efficiency and performance, offering resellers a competitive edge.

Implications for Toshiba Tec

While Toshiba Tec divests its inkjet head business, this move allows them to streamline their focus on other core areas such as multifunction peripherals and POS systems. This could lead to more specialized and advanced offerings in these domains.

Looking Ahead

As the industry observes this strategic move, the key takeaway for resellers is the potential for a more robust product offering and technological advancement in inkjet printing solutions. RISO's step toward consolidating its presence in the high-speed inkjet sector could redefine market dynamics, benefiting resellers through expanded sales opportunities and enhanced product offerings.

The full impact of this acquisition on both RISO and Toshiba Tec's market positioning will unfold in the coming months. Office equipment resellers should stay tuned for further updates and prepare for shifts in product offerings and market strategies.

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