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Ricoh Establishes Ricoh Group Technology Ethics Charter

Ricoh Establishes Ricoh Group Technology Ethics Charter

Ricoh has established Ricoh Group Technology Ethics Charter, effective Sept. 25, 2023. The charter aims to mitigate ethical risks inherent in the social implementation and operation of Ricoh's digital services.

As a digital services company, Ricoh recognizes the risks associated with development and utilization of digital services. The risks include human rights violation risk due to unintended foment of discrimination, prejudice and inequality, and those due to malicious actions from external sources targeting AI-powered systems, which can have significant impacts on the entire society. To mitigate these risks, Ricoh established a specialized department Ricoh Family Group Ethics Office and the charter this year. This charter is composed of three technology ethics principles and seven credos.

The full version of Ricoh Group Technology Ethics Charter is available here:

To achieve fulfillment through work, its mission and vision, Ricoh is committed to contributing to the realization of a resilient society by practicing risk assessment and countermeasures inherent in digital services including AI, so that it can earn trust from its customers and partners, and enable collaborative activities with confidence.

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