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PowerMPS Announces Launch Of Contract Manager System

PowerMPS Announces Launch Of Contract Manager System

PowerMPS has announced the launch of its new system that is designed to help automated managed print services contracts: PowerMPS Contract Manager System.

The shift the business services industry has seen is in consumers' demand for more flexible, transparent and on-demand contracts. While this demand has been obvious in the MPS world for a long time, the industry was not positioned to meet this demand. But, with PowerMPS and this new launch, this demand has been met.

The PowerMPS Contract Manager System was designed to intelligently automate managed print service contracts. It is integrated with PowerMPS DCA, which allows for automated billing and removes the process of manual processing, simplifying the billing process. Gone are the days of your service dealer having to visit your office for accurate meter readings. That process, along with the billing, is now automated.

This update is exciting for both consumers and dealers. Consumers get the flexibility, transparency and automation they demand. And dealers get even more tools to better serve their customers, and in a much more efficient and time-saving way.

Managed print services has long been a tedious process full of inefficiencies. It was an entirely manual process controlled by the dealer or service provider, and often relied on very frequent in-person office visits by the dealer or provider. To put it simply, for a long while, the managed print services industry was behind the times.

If you look up the new year predictions of any tech magazine over the past 10 years, you will see predictions about how the following year will be the year of automation. It never seemed to fully happen, but that future is now. The future of business, the demand for automation, is upon us. COVID-19 played a role in that.

Two-thirds of companies surveyed by Deloitte in 2020 said that the COVID-19 pandemic sped up the demand for automation. The recognition of the value that automation provides is not new, but there is an increased demand for greater efficiency, scalability and consumer control. Furthermore, the rise of remote and hybrid work environments has led to an increased demand for flexibility and the ability to access services anywhere, anytime.

After years of the business world dabbling in automation, the quick all-in shift has impacted many areas of business. Contracts have been affected. Consumers have demanded more flexibility and transparency in their service contracts. They have demanded more access and accountability through increased real-time data and information. Consumers spoke, and the businesses that wanted to be positioned for success responded.

Power MPS was born out of responding to the need for a managed print services software platform focused on the office technology channel and the industry's dire need for digital transformation.

Business process automation is brought to an entirely new level with PowerMPS. The software is transparent, offers the latest in automation intelligence and patented data collection, and has the flexibility that empowers the entire channel, from independent service providers and resellers to enterprise dealers, MSPs, retailers, distributors and OEMs. It is a solution to meet the needs of the modern consumer.

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