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M-Files Named to KMWorld's AI 50 List

M-Files Named to KMWorld's AI 50 List

M-Files has announced the company has been named to the 2022 KMWorld AI 50 list, honoring companies that empower intelligent knowledge management. M-Files was recognized for its ability to enable intelligent automation, increase consistency of work product and reduce errors by automating workflows.

The M-Files metadata-driven platform increases the productivity of knowledge workers, strengthens collaboration and enables business continuity while reducing business risk. Unlike other information management solutions on the market, AI is embedded at the core of M-Files and pervasive throughout the entire platform. Its automated, rules-based discovery engine automatically crawls large volumes of legacy or new data, either in M-Files or in external repositories, to identify content – including "dark data" and business-critical records – making information easy to find and use.

"Inflexible document management solutions make it challenging to access content in a context that makes sense, keeping employees from getting information needed to make critical decisions," said Antti Nivala, founder and CEO, M-Files. "At M-Files, we have continued to enhance our best-in-class technology to work for our customers by anticipating users' needs and allowing knowledge workers to work intuitively. With intelligent automation, we deliver connected content that seamlessly categorizes and finds all relevant documents and data, regardless of where they are stored across business systems."

M-Files enables existing processes to be set up and intuitively followed, so that work is done on time and information is proactively delivered to the right destination. M-Files automatically discovers and securely governs information in any repository to ensure compliance and reduce business risk. In addition, M-Files uses AI to update metadata, trigger workflows, assign permissions and intelligently act on content.

"AI and a host of related technologies such as augmented intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, process automation and natural language processing are being deployed in areas as diverse as supply-chain management, manufacturing, health care, medical research and financial services," said Tom Hogan, group publisher, KMWorld. "With organizations recognizing the great potential of AI, it is not surprising that the market size is also expected to increase dramatically. As part of our efforts to focus attention on the innovative knowledge management vendors that are imbuing their offerings with AI and automation, in this issue, KMWorld presents the KMWorld AI 50: The Companies Empowering Intelligent Knowledge Management."

The KMWorld AI 50 honors vendors that are helping their customers excel in an increasingly competitive marketplace by imbuing products and services with intelligence and automation.

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