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Kyocera Wins 2023 Japan Packaging Contest

Kyocera Wins 2023 Japan Packaging Contest

Kyocera Document Solutions America Inc. has announced that, for the 16th time, the organization has won the Logistics Award at the 2023 Japan Packaging Contest for its A4 printer product packaging.

For more than 20 years, Kyocera Document Solutions America Inc. has developed printers and MFPs with long-life parts and low-waste solutions, minimizing the number of consumable parts that must be discarded after use.

This empowers its customers with tools that allow them to unlock new heights of productivity and a way of working that reduces their environmental footprint. Kyocera has also promoted the de-plasticization of its packaging by using paper cushioning materials comprising pulp molds made from recycled paper.

Kyocera is therefore thrilled to announce the company's recent win at the 2023 Japan Packaging Contest, sponsored by the Japan Packaging Technology Association. Kyocera Document Solutions Inc. was awarded with this prize for their "Paper Packaging With Improved Repetitive Buffering."

Multiple impacts can reduce the effectiveness of paper cushioning materials. Kyocera's packaging solution ensures that when a container encounters aggressive transportation environments, its cardboard cushioning material collapses into the shape of a bellow upon impact to continue cushion support; and its pulp mold adopts a cylindrical shape to prevent collapse after impact.

"Sustainability has underpinned all aspects of Kyocera's business since we began in 1973," said José María Estébanez, vice president of corporate marketing, Kyocera Document Solutions America Inc. "It guides our innovation and, as illustrated by this prestigious award, how we get our products to our customers. In a time where sustainability is becoming of greater interest around the world, Kyocera is ready to lead when it comes to developing sustainable solutions."

The packaging materials used for products sold by Kyocera are developed and designed internally and assessed throughout other locations across the world. Kyocera remains focused on reducing the amount of packaging it uses for its products and proactively developing environmentally friendly packaging materials that do not rely on plastics.

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