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Kyocera to Assume Copystar Brand as Part of Long-Term Marketing Strategy

Kyocera to Assume Copystar Brand as Part of Long-Term Marketing Strategy

Kyocera Document Solutions America Inc. has announced that, as of June 30, 2023, Copystar will be replaced by the Kyocera brand.

Until now, the Copystar brand has been a sales division selling Kyocera-made devices under the Copystar name. This strategic decision demonstrates the organization's ambition to combat uncertainty in the business landscape by further strengthening its brand.

It also represents the next step of the long-term strategy that was unveiled as part of the new brand launch in 2019, a strategy that has since seen the Kyocera brand go from strength to strength.

"During uncertain times, unity is what defines resilient organizations,” said Oscar Sánchez, president and CEO, Kyocera Document Solutions America Inc. "There is little doubt that the conversion of Copystar to Kyocera will make us a stronger organization. Rather than dedicating resources to multiple brands we can now concentrate all of our efforts on elevating the Kyocera brand to new heights."

With the transition to Kyocera now underway, Sánchez believes that Copystar dealers have every right to be excited about this new chapter. 

"The Kyocera brand is one of the most respected in the world when it comes to innovation," Sánchez said. "The trust in our quality has been hard-earned across decades — Copystar dealers can now leverage it to their advantage."

Brand recognition is a crucial aspect of marketing and Copystar dealers now have a tremendous opportunity to add a new dimension to their portfolios with the Kyocera brand.

"Our new brand launch in 2019 marked the start of an exciting new chapter for Kyocera, and Copystar becoming part of the Kyocera brand represents an important milestone on this strategic road map," said José María Estébanez, vice president of corporate marketing, Kyocera Document Solutions America Inc. "By fusing resources, energy, expertise and experience, we are primed to strengthen the Kyocera brand even further while providing Copystar dealers with brand-new opportunities to grow their businesses."

The conversion process is now underway and will conclude on June 30.

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