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Kyocera's Service Award Competition Announces 2023 Winner

Kyocera's Service Award Competition Announces 2023 Winner

Kyocera Document Solutions America Inc. has crowned the winner of its 12th annual Kyocera Service Award.

Every year, Kyocera Document Solutions America Inc. holds its Service Award contest. This year's finals took place on Dec. 15th, 2023. After a lively competition, Kyocera crowned Robinson Aldana Lopez as the winner.

The contest aims to find the best dealer service technician in the United States and put his (or her) extensive knowledge and methodology to the test.

Five finalists, who had already completed a preliminary online exam and sailed through the semifinals, traveled from each Kyocera region to compete at the Kyocera Dallas Training Center on Dec. 15.

The final stage of our competition saw our technicians complete a written closed-book test and three troubleshooting exercises. They were evaluated according to their troubleshooting methodology, their diagnosis and how long it took them to arrive at the correct solution.

"I would like to congratulate Robinson on his outstanding performance in the Kyocera Service Award competition," says Frank Zupa, senior vice president of operations at Kyocera Document Solutions America, Inc. "Crowning ‘the best of the best' from such a talented group of individuals brings me great joy, and I would like to thank everyone who participated for showcasing their expertise and exemplary problem-solving skills."

Hailing from WBS Technologies Inc., Aldana Lopez won a travel voucher that he can use to whisk himself and a lucky plus one away to Bermuda, Jamaica, Hawaii, Mexico, Florida or California for four days. Should the winner prefer to celebrate on the high seas, the voucher is also valid for a seven-day Caribbean cruise.

However, no finalist left empty-handed. To congratulate them on their success in this year's contest, Kyocera also awarded the finalists with a cash prize.

This year's finalists were as follows:

  • First Place: Robinson Aldana Lopez from WBS Technologies Inc. – South
  • Second Place: Todd Ware from Kyocera Document Solutions Northern California - West
  • Third Place: James Leding from Impact Networking LLC, Illinois – Central (North)
  • Fourth Place: Anthony Esposito from WNY Imaging Systems Inc. – East
  • Fifth Place: Carl Martin from Kyocera Document Solutions Southwest – Central (South)
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