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Kyocera Launches Kyocera Cloud Information Manager

Kyocera Launches Kyocera Cloud Information Manager

Kyocera Document Solutions America Inc. has introduced Kyocera Cloud Information Manager (KCIM), its first ever document management system (DMS). The new secure and versatile solution will enable small- and medium-sized businesses to simplify document management and access for mobile workers.

This cloud-based DMS, which is designed for business leaders seeking a scalable solution for total document control, tackles the challenges posed by the modern age and empowers professionals with flexibility, data security and efficiency.

While this is a new product, it's already a proven technology: KCIM has been developed through Kyocera Document Solutions Inc.'s wholly owned subsidiary, Optimal Systems, which has been a leader for more than 30 years in the DMS and enterprise content management market.

KCIM, a multitenant DMS, enables businesses to digitize their documents and manage their paper documents and electronic files with ease. Digitized documents are indexed and stored in a single, central repository. This not only strengthens an organization's data security, but it also makes documents easy to locate and access, eliminating confusion and time wasted searching for missing files.

"Kyocera's pioneering, innovative spirit once again rises to the occasion to meet the needs of an ever-evolving modern workplace," said Óscar Sánchez, president and CEO, Kyocera Document Solutions America Inc. "Whether professionals are operating from a shared workspace, a home office or a mobile environment, they will be able to digitize, access and manage their documents with ease. Our solution ensures that professionals continue to prosper in the digital age, wherever they work."

Another defining feature of KCIM is its storage capacity. Having recognized the common business pain of overpaying for unused cloud storage that needlessly runs up costs, Kyocera has ensured that KCIM users pay only for the storage they actually need.

"With Kyocera Cloud Information Manager, we have expanded our portfolio of cloud-based solutions and can provide businesses with a better way to manage their documents," said John Kinses, director of product marketing software and services, Kyocera Document Solutions America Inc. "We are thrilled to release this intuitive, secure solution and provide businesses with a great way to help start their document management journey."

The launch of KCIM demonstrates Kyocera's ongoing motivation to remove the hurdles faced by today's professionals in their pursuit of productivity and data security. KCIM demonstrates that, once again, there is no business challenge that Kyocera can't solve.

In other news, Kyocera Document Solutions Inc. has announced it has won the 2024 WorldStar Award for its innovations in packaging for its color A4 printer devices. Organized by the World Packaging Organization, the WorldStar Global Packaging Awards is the largest contest in the global packaging industry.

For more than 20 years, Kyocera has developed printers and MFPs with long-life parts and low-waste solutions, minimizing the number of consumable parts that must be discarded after use. The organization has also made efforts to use environmentally friendly packaging by replacing plastic packaging with pulp molds and corrugated cardboard made from recycled paper.

Kyocera has won the 2024 WorldStar Award for "Paper packaging with improved repetitive cushioning performance." This is a crowning achievement for Kyocera's efforts to replace plastic foam cushioning materials with paper cushioning materials for the packaging of its MFP and printers.

While multiple impacts can reduce the effectiveness of paper cushioning materials, Kyocera's packaging solution uses a support shape for its pulp mold and corrugated cushioning material to prevent collapse and breakage. Damage upon impact was reduced by up to 61% during tests.

"Returning to the podium to receive this sustainability award once again is extremely gratifying for our entire organization," Sánchez said. "This recognition is yet another expression of Kyocera's management philosophy, which says innovation and sustainability are intrinsically linked. It's becoming increasingly clear that a serious commitment to sustainability is necessary for continual success, which is why I am so optimistic about our future."

Kyocera remains steadfastly committed to reducing the amount of packaging it uses for its products and developing environmentally friendly packaging materials that do not rely on plastics.

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