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Kyocera Earns Responsible Business Alliance Recognitions For Two Factories in Vietnam & China

Kyocera Earns Responsible Business Alliance Recognitions For Two Factories in Vietnam & China

Kyocera Document Solutions America Inc. has announced recognition of its commitment to workplace safety and worker rights throughout its supply chain.

Hironori Ando, president of Kyocera Document Solutions Inc., recently announced that the company's plants in Vietnam and China have earned recognition from the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA). The RBA is a corporate alliance dedicated to supporting responsible business conduct in global electrical and electronic equipment supply chains.

Kyocera has been a member of the RBA since 2021. The alliance holds its members accountable to its code of conduct, which ensures the rights of workers directly and indirectly involved in operations in the electronics industry supply chain and the safety of working environments. It also holds members to environmental standards in their business operations.

The RBA's Validated Assessment Program (VAP) is a standard for on-site compliance verification and assessments conducted by approved independent, third-party firms. After RBA VAP audits of labor, ethics, environmental sustainability, health and safety at its plants in Vietnam and China, Kyocera was awarded with Gold and Silver statuses, respectively.

Since its founding, Kyocera has prioritized the physical and emotional well-being of all its employees, which is expressed in its corporate motto of "doing the right thing as a human being."

As Kyocera carries out its management philosophy to contribute to the advancement and development of human society, it has complied with laws and regulations concerning environmental safety, matters agreed to by our company and voluntary standards. Going forward, Kyocera will continue to use the technologies and know-how it has accumulated to address social issues through communication with various stakeholders, and participation in and support for social contribution activities.

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