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Konica Minolta Announces Partnership With Newline

Konica Minolta Announces Partnership With Newline

Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A. Inc. and its IT services division, All Covered, are proud to announce a new partnership with Newline, a global leader in interactive touch display technology. The alliance will help Konica Minolta's education clients deliver more engaging, interactive lessons to students.

Interactive technology continues to be a critical teaching tool in the classroom, and with more and more industries adopting hybrid work models, the need for video technology — both touch and non-touch displays — has significantly increased. Newline's collaboration solutions are powered by a set of digital tools that can not only help teachers work more efficiently and bring interactivity to their students, but work perfectly in corporate settings to bring meeting rooms and conference calls to a whole new level of collaboration. Partnering with Newline will allow Konica Minolta to expand its audiovisual support into additional vertical markets with tools to support new work styles and creative learning.

"Newline is an aggressive, up-and-coming technology provider of interactive panels in the K-12 market, with products that complement our existing portfolio," said Marco Maggio, vice president of strategic practices, All Covered. "As Konica Minolta evolves to meet the needs of our customers with best-in-class solutions and products, we are excited to partner with an organization that aligns so well with our direction, allowing us to continue to impact students' learning while also bringing other businesses the technology to collaborate effectively."

"We are excited to introduce Konica Minolta as a member of the Newline partner network," said Ty Hall, senior vice president of sales and marketing, Newline. "By combining their strong brand establishment and vast services capabilities with Newline's best-in-class service model, together we can help enhance our customers' interactive technology experiences."

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