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Keypoint Intelligence Unveils New Price Book Catalog Connector for AgentDealer

Keypoint Intelligence Unveils New Price Book Catalog Connector for AgentDealer

Keypoint Intelligence has announced the launch of its new Price Book Catalog Connector for AgentDealer. This tool will revolutionize the way users of the AgentDealer CRM platform access, manage and update product information, making it easier than ever to deliver accurate and up-to-date product data for quoting.

"The Keypoint Intelligence Catalog Connector for AgentDealer is the answer to one of the biggest challenges the dealer community faces in the management of their CRM price list data, and one that we've all been trying to solve for years," said Ed Barfield, CEO, Agent Dealer. "We feel this is a game changer and will greatly reduce the burden associated with mass price book updates for new equipment. Keypoint Intelligence is the leader in our industry for this kind of information and this enables our dealer customers to leverage that within the AgentDealer platform."

The Price Book Catalog Connector is designed to seamlessly integrate with the AgentDealer platform, offering a streamlined solution for managing large sets of the manufacturer price book data needed for modern CRM quoting tools. It enables users to access and maintain accurate, real-time product information, reducing the time needed to add or update new products.

Key features of the Price Book Catalog Connector include:

  • Real-time synchronization: The Connector will feed product information into the AgentDealer Price Book List, reducing the need for manual entry or transferring initial manufacturer item data for import from CSV templates.
  • Comprehensive product data: Users will have access to a vast library of Keypoint Intelligence (KPI) product data, including model/accessory relationships, specifications, MSRP pricing, item codes and other relevant information available in the KPI database.
  • New manufacturer products or product lines will automatically be fed into the AgentDealer Price Book List as soon as they become available in the KPI Catalog.
  • Dealers who sign up for the service will get to choose which manufacturer products to sync with the AgentDealer Price Book List.

"It has been a pleasure collaborating with the Agent Dealer team on this new solution for the dealers and I’m confident the Price Book Catalog Connector will be a big hit right out of the gate," said Anthony Sci, president and CEO, Keypoint Intelligence.

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