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ITS Group Announces New MyPC Updates

ITS Group Announces New MyPC Updates

ITS Group has announced new updates to MyPC

MyPC Server & Web Component Updates

Azure AD Support
This server release introduces support for customers using Azure AD as their user directory to validate users.

Please contact ITS or your local reseller if you are interested in validating with Azure AD.

New Colour Schemes for Simple Mode
To improve accessibility, ITS has introduced a new Dark Mode option, as well as a High Contrast option. When a user selects his (or her) preferred mode MyPC will automatically use it when he next uses Simple Mode.

FIPS Support
ITS has made a small change to its server and binaries to support customers who configure their servers to Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS).

MyPC Client (Classic/Public Library/VDI/ Terminal Server Clients)

Azure AD Support (Classic Client)
The MyPC Client now supports Azure AD joined client PCs (Classic client only).  Please contact ITS to discuss migrating to Azure AD for user authentication.

Countdown Timer on Mini Form
When the session information bar minimizes, the countdown timer showing the time remaining for their booking will now still be displayed.

Increased Font Size for Language Dropdown Menu
The MyPC Client supports multiple languages presented as links. To make navigation easier, once the maximum number of links was reached, they would be presented as a drop-down menu instead. In response to customer requests, ITS has now increased the font size for the drop-down menu.

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