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Intermedia Cloud Communications Wins 2023 Frost & Sullivan Best Practices New Product Innovation Award

Intermedia Cloud Communications Wins 2023 Frost & Sullivan Best Practices New Product Innovation Award

Intermedia Cloud Communications has announced it has been recognized with the Best Practices New Product Innovation Award from preeminent analyst firm, Frost & Sullivan, for its Intermedia Unite Archiving solution. Frost & Sullivan presents the New Product Innovation Award to companies at the forefront of innovation and growth in their respective industries, applying a rigorous analytical process to evaluate multiple nominees before determining the final award recipient.

In the digital transformation era, businesses are increasingly adopting services such as unified communications as a service (UCaaS) and contact center as a service (CCaaS) to support hybrid work models and business process digitization. These cloud services deliver versatile communication channels such as voice, video calling, video conferencing, chat and messaging. However, ensuring security and compliance while maintaining productivity across multiple modes of communication can be difficult. Intermedia Unite Archiving, which is available to customers of the all-in-one communications, collaboration and contact center solution, Intermedia Unite, addresses this challenge by automating communications data collection and archiving to facilitate cross-channel data compliance, unified search, and reporting.

As Frost & Sullivan noted in its evaluation report, Unite Archiving has already distinguished itself among the competition since its launch earlier this year. "Certain competing UCaaS providers do offer some communications archiving solutions. However, most of these offer much more limited functionalities compared to Unite Archiving. For example, other competing archiving solutions from UCaaS competitors typically support voice, chat and SMS capture, but lack the comprehensive search capabilities, 17a-4 compliant storage, configurable data retention lengths, or the compliance and supervision capabilities delivered by Unite Archiving."

"We are deeply honored to receive the 2023 Frost & Sullivan Best Practices New Product Innovation Award for Intermedia Unite Archiving," said Michael Gold, CEO, Intermedia. "We developed the solution to help ensure that critical business communications are captured and easily searchable, both for businesses that require archiving to comply with regulations, as well as businesses that understand the importance of retaining their corporate knowledge. This recognition underscores our unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation and delivering business-critical solutions to our customers and partners."

Unite Archiving boasts a wide range of capabilities that strategically position it as a holistic solution, addressing essential compliance requirements while simultaneously enhancing productivity. Its user-friendly communication data search and retrieval functionalities not only facilitate seamless knowledge retention but also ensure smooth transitions during periods of staff turnover, leaves of absence, role adjustments, as well as for training, creation of best practices and more. Additionally, the platform helps organizations identify best practices for employee training, process refinement, improved sales performance and enhanced customer service.

Furthermore, by serving as a centralized repository for archived communications data, Unite Archiving lays a strong foundation for leveraging advanced AI capabilities across multiple communication channels. When this vast, growing base of consolidated knowledge is introduced to Generative AI, insights previously unavailable can be rapidly identified, resulting in a more informed, efficient, productive and smarter organization.

Within Unite Archiving, data is encrypted in transit and at rest for security, and customers can choose how long to store their data with retention options ranging up to 10 years. In addition, fast, powerful contextual search functionality indexes both content and metadata, enabling millions of files to be queried using dozens of properties in seconds. Users can search on keywords, chat names, participants, call duration, source, attachments and many more attributes. Intermedia Unite Archiving supports compliance with HIPAA, FINRA, MiFID II and other regulations.

Unite Archiving is designed for simplicity and can be quickly deployed using Intermedia's HostPilot administrative and management control tool, enabling automatic data capture without user or administrator involvement. And by serving as a single-source provider for UCaaS, CCaaS, messaging and archiving, Intermedia helps businesses streamline vendor relationships and deployment of a full suite of tightly integrated, highly reliable solutions.

"While Unite Archiving offers impressive functionality for the price today, there is even more innovation on the way," said Robert Arnold, industry director of connected work research, Frost & Sullivan. "Intermedia has an aggressive development road map for the near term and beyond."

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