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Formax Introduces 7700 Series High-Volume Modular Inserters

Formax Introduces 7700 Series High-Volume Modular Inserters

Formax has introduced the 7700 Series of high-volume modular inserters designed to meet the demands of nearly every mailing. The 7700 Series replaces the 7202 and 7500 Series, keeping the best features and adding even more.

The 7700 Series is customizable from the inserter base up. Choose from one of five tower feeder-folders, non-intelligent and intelligent high-capacity insert feeders, and inline feeder-folders to meet the exact specifications for your mailings. The modular design enables up to 11 feeders to be combined based on the module configurations. In addition, the 7700 Series can be equipped to read OMR, BCR, 2D, and QR, with codes located anywhere on the page, even reading bar codes on the reverse side of the document.

Its robust folding system folds up to eight sheets at a time, with the power to process up to 7,000 envelopes per hour and up to 300,000 finished pieces per month. When processing flats, the 7700 Series can insert sets of up to 80 sheets and/or up to 10mm in thickness with the thick set upgrade license. The top-loading envelope hopper holds up to 800 #10 envelopes or 500 10-by-13-inch flats, in landscape orientation for higher processing speeds.

Designed for user-friendly interaction, the 7700 Series features a 22-inch color touch screen interface with intuitive graphics, a dynamic time-until-job-completion display and unlimited programmable jobs to easily create and run inserting applications. Standard features include a high-capacity 4-foot outfeed conveyor, which can be used inline or at a 90-degree angle, an accumulation/divert deck with an integrated reset button, and custom cabinets with casters for sturdy, movable storage.

With modular, flexible, high-capacity and intelligent design, the 7700 Series Inserters are ready to take on just about any mailing challenge.

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