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Epson Remote Services Now Integrated Into MPS Monitor Platform

Epson Remote Services Now Integrated Into MPS Monitor Platform

Epson and MPS Monitor have enabled a "one-stop-shop" platform for channel partners and print dealers, amalgamating print and fleet management systems with Epson's Remote Services (ERS) solution. Using Epson's open API, access to ERS has been integrated into the MPS Monitor platform, simplifying processes and improving fleet management efficiency.

ERS is a free, cloud-based monitoring and management system that delivers advanced remote diagnostics for Epson business inkjet devices. ERS helps to optimize engineer resources and on-site visits by enabling remote operations on devices, reducing CO2 emissions and the environmental impact of travel.

By integrating ERS within its print and fleet management platform, MPS Monitor has created a solution to improve total fleet management efficiency, making it easy for dealers to access a "total" view of fleet performance within one place.

"Collaboration is a cornerstone to Epson's growth ambition," said Patrick Perrot, Epson Europe. "Opening our API to enable ISVs to develop solutions using our products is a logical move. In the case of MPS Monitor, integration of our ERS solution into its print and fleet management platform enables an improved experience for Epson dealers and resellers."

"Integrating access to Epson's ERS solution into our platform makes it easier and quicker for fleet managers to gain a total view of fleet performance and health," said Nicola De Blasi, CEO, MPS Monitor. "Feedback so far has been extremely positive. Ultimately, we are committed to making print fleet management as efficient as possible and this is a further step to ensuring that."

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