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DocuWare Releases Version 7.8

DocuWare Releases Version 7.8

DocuWare has introduced the latest version of its DMS, DocuWare version 7.8.

The new features support collaborative working, simplified calculations and make it easier to work from mobile devices. With DocuWare Forms, users can now easily build forms with real-time calculations. Index tables can be viewed on mobile devices and the user interface is truly global in nature as it is available in 24 languages — Slovenian and Vietnamese are the newest additions.  

"We have observed that the number of tools used in companies is increasing," said Dr. Michael Berger, president, DocuWare. "This makes it more important to link them together through DocuWare, ensuring seamless communication and optimal workflows. This is the case, for example, with our new Connect to Teams feature. The integration of Microsoft Teams with DocuWare makes it easy to exchange, share and store documents between the two platforms. This saves employees a lot of time, as they don't have to constantly switch back and forth between programs and search for documents. This optimizes business processes and increases productivity."

DocuWare Version 7.8 Highlights

Connect DocuWare with Microsoft Teams — Documents are often saved in different places in Microsoft Teams and are not easy to locate. With the DocuWare App, files shared in this communication platform can be stored in DocuWare. Users simply use the "Import Attachments" function to do this. Once stored in a structured manner, the documents are available to authorized colleagues only and can be integrated into company-wide workflows. DocuWare Client offers the "Share in Microsoft Teams" option for archived documents. Archived documents can thus be easily posted directly from DocuWare to a Microsoft Teams chat or channel via a link.  

Automatic calculations for forms —
With DocuWare Forms, users can now easily build forms with real-time calculations requiring no coding. For automatic calculation, a formula is assigned to the number of fields. The final amount is not only displayed to the user immediately but can also be transferred as an index value and thus used to control the further workflow. The new function is very suitable for travel expense reports and purchase orders, saving accounting professionals time.

Better support for mobile workflows through index tables — The DocuWare app includes support for index tables on mobile devices. With version 7.8, it is now possible to approve individual items within an invoice, modify them and assign them to the corresponding cost center. With this new mobile feature, business continuity is ensured as workflows can be easily managed while on the go.

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