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DocuWare Launches New Business Solution for Vaccine & Testing Records Management

DocuWare Launches New Business Solution for Vaccine & Testing Records Management

In response to demand from its partners and customers, DocuWare has released a timely new cloud-based preconfigured solution called DocuWare for Vaccination & Testing Management.

DocuWare for Vaccination & Testing Management is a business solution built to assist HR professionals automate the collection and secure archiving of information pertaining to employee health and safety.

At a time when employers are considering how to manage vaccination and weekly testing records, the time-saving business value this free add-on solution brings is how it streamlines and monitors the entire process, allowing for more efficient reporting. The easy-to-use web forms allow employees to upload proof of vaccination, testing or other documents quickly and securely. Sensitive employee information is protected with restricted access rights and data encryption.

The solution allows HR professionals to:

  • Quickly verify employee vaccination status
  • Manage weekly testing requirements
  • Automate email reminders and notifications when testing is due
  • Maintain an accurate and secure record of vaccine exemptions
  • Securely access complete reporting

Customers already using any other DocuWare Preconfigured Solution can easily add this to their current portfolio by contacting DocuWare or their local DocuWare Partner. It can also be used as a stand-alone product to securely manage only the employee records relating to vaccination and testing requirements.

Digitizing the process and removing paper-based processes enables employers to remain compliant with record keeping standards.

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