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ConnectWise Teases Enhanced Business Improvement Tools & Education Programs

ConnectWise Teases Enhanced Business Improvement Tools & Education Programs

ConnectWise has announced its plans to reinvest in partners through business improvement tools and education ahead of IT Nation Connect. As part of that event, ConnectWise will share its vision for the full-scale transformation of the IT channel ecosystem.

Service Leadership Inc., a ConnectWise solution, has introduced the Service Leadership Insights (S-L Insights) tool exclusively for ConnectWise partners. This powerful tool combines ConnectWise Modes Theory, business performance, value creation and Operational Maturity to facilitate effective business planning and drive better business outcomes. ConnectWise partners can benefit from complimentary S-L Insights sessions conducted by a dedicated ConnectWise Partner Success Manager (PSM), receiving a CEO readout that provides actionable suggestions for immediate implementation. Don't miss the opportunity to attend S-L Insights sessions at IT Nation Connect, where ConnectWise PSMs will be available to provide valuable insights and guidance and offer S-L Insights sessions at IT Nation Connect.

In addition to these exciting developments, Service Leadership Inc. has recently undergone a complete rebuild of its  Service Leadership Index platform. As the largest, most detailed and most accurate TSP benchmark in the IT industry worldwide, the new platform offers benchmark subscribers immediate access to essential metrics and reports. This enables them to quickly assess their company's financial performance and compare it to industry leaders. Attendees at IT Nation Connect can experience a live demonstration of this cutting-edge platform at the Service Leadership booth, as well as participate in an educational training session to explore its new capabilities.

Additionally, ConnectWise is continuing to invest in its education program, ConnectWise University. The company has transformed its education and enablement platform offering more effective and engaging training, improved reporting and training management capabilities, from client onboarding to cybersecurity. ConnectWise’s rejuvenated Learning Management System (LMS) grants partners the ability to track their team's training progress with greater efficiency and to identify areas for improvement. ConnectWise University will offer a demo of the new experience at IT Nation Connect, and it will be available to all partners in December.

"ConnectWise is focused on reinvesting in our partners and building game-changing solutions for the IT channel ecosystem," said Jason Magee, CEO, ConnectWise. "Our aim is to simplify, streamline and enhance the content delivery process, equipping partners with the necessary tools to foster continuous business growth. We eagerly anticipate sharing our vision and innovative solutions at IT Nation Connect, fostering a strong sense of community and collaboration."

"To thrive in this fiercely competitive landscape, TSPs must possess comprehensive knowledge about the industry and understand how their financial and operational performance compares," said Peter Kujawa, vice president and general manager, Service Leadership. "As the IT channel ecosystem evolves, we are revamping our resources to provide partners with the data and information they need to stay ahead. At IT Nation Connect, we will delve deeper into our investments in our partners' businesses, further strengthening our community and empowering their success."

IT Nation Connect will take place from Nov. 8-10, 2023, in Orlando, Florida and virtually. Register here.

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