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ConnectWise Announces New Version of Modes Theory

ConnectWise Announces New Version of Modes Theory

ConnectWise has announced it is launching an updated version of its Modes Theory (aka Modes) methodology that helps partners identify and operationalize their businesses in alignment with their unique objectives.  

By identifying their "mode" — Startup Mode, Balance Builder Mode, Value Builder Mode or Empire Builder Mode — the business model helps TSPs identify where they are in the business journey, where they want to go and the best route to get there. Developing a deeper understanding of an SMB's current and future "mode" helps businesses take advantage of purpose-built training, peer groups, solutions and ecosystem resources. Developed in partnership with ConnectWise partners and tested by more than 400 partners to date, Modes and its associated resources are now available to the entire ConnectWise partner community. The Modes assessment is also available for non-ConnectWise partners.  

The new version of the Modes Theory Assessment has been expanded to incorporate an operational maturity level (OML) component that provides a more holistic view of where businesses currently are, what they are trying to achieve and a road map to get there. Geared towards small and medium-sized business (SMB) owners, the Modes Theory Assessment is free and only takes 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Since many SMBs have multiple owners and those owners often identify with different modes, ConnectWise encourages each owner to take the assessment, compare notes and get on the same page.

"The pandemic made it a necessity for businesses to take client relationships deeper, but this has to start with us understanding ourselves," said Arlin Sorensen, vice president of ecosystem evangelism, ConnectWise. "We've discovered that partners can better support their clients if they know what they are trying to accomplish. This enables them to proactively plan with clients and provide better service because they're having those conversations. We see significant value in salespeople understanding the partners they are trying to take care of."

ConnectWise plans to release a leadership-focused assessment and workshop at IT Nation Connect 2022, which includes scripted sessions where business owners can sit down with their teams to drive a collective vision. As an SMB's business model, culture, strategy and leadership approach come into alignment with behaviors and habits that are best practices for their mode, partners are able to achieve exciting results that will then usher them into the next phase of aligning owners with their leadership teams.  

"At ConnectWise, we believe in a partnership that seeks to understand your most ambitious vision of success and enable good decision-making along the journey," Sorensen said. "Modes helps you clarify that vision, align your team and chart your course to get there."

Less than half of new businesses survive at least five years, according to the Small Business Administration. If a business wants to move beyond the five-year mark, but its leaders feel limited or unsure of the right steps to take, Modes can help put them on a personalized path to success. Through interrelated concepts, tools and benchmarks, business owners and their teams are able to engineer a resilient and profitable business while still navigating uncertainty and continuous change. Combined with IT Nation Evolve peer groups, Modes not only provides a road map, but also accountability to assure execution.

Looking further ahead, ConnectWise will continue the next stage of Modes in early 2023, which will include a client-focused Modes assessment.

In other news, ConnectWise has selected the three finalists of its PitchIT Accelerator Program. AlertOps, HumanizeIT and Vonahi Security will present their solutions on the center stage at IT Nation Connect, Nov. 9-12 in Orlando, Florida, where judges and attendees will determine who among the finalists places first, second and third.  

After receiving a record-setting number of applications for this year's PitchIT program, ConnectWise narrowed it down to 18 individuals and small businesses. The pool of contenders competed in a two-part live streamed pitch competition, in partnership with Channel Program, on Aug. 30 and Sept. 1 in which they had five minutes each to explain their solution, after which audience members provided feedback and picked their favorites. ConnectWise combined audience votes with input from a panel of M&A consultants, tech experts and others to decide the three finalists that are advancing.

"Now in its fifth year, the PitchIT Accelerator Program is the perfect chance for creative and innovative individuals in the IT Nation community to present their groundbreaking solutions that solve a need in cybersecurity, finance, billing, data, marketing, sales, productivity, automation or other practice areas," said Chris Timms, executive vice president of growth, ConnectWise. "We congratulate all PitchIT competition contenders and look forward to sharing our finalists' ideas with everyone this coming November."

The three finalists will get free booths in the IT Nation Connect expo hall, plus one-on-one coaching from former PitchIT champions Gene Reich of 2021 grand prize winner; Callen Sapien, of 2018 grand prize honoree Refactr (which was acquired by security vendor Sophos last year); and Jamison West of TimeZest, 2019's top finisher. The winning pitch will receive a $70,000 grant to help propel their business and the runner-up will receive a $30,000 grant.

Created by ConnectWise in 2018, PitchIT is a competition and incubator specifically for innovators to showcase a potential offering that could be built or integrated into the ConnectWise platform. With a digital and cloud transformation unfolding before our eyes, PitchIT illustrates the immense amount of talent the IT Nation Community has to offer.  

Aside from the competition aspect, the PitchIT program also acts as an incubator and accelerator for promising software companies. As such, all 18 participants were given the invaluable opportunity to take part in a four-month program where they received a thorough business assessment, gained coaching from industry experts, earned placement on the ConnectWise marketplace, engaged in comarketing and more.

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