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Canon Publishes 2023 Sustainability & Integrated Reports

Canon Publishes 2023 Sustainability & Integrated Reports

Canon U.S.A. Inc. has announced that its parent company, Canon Inc., has published the Canon Sustainability Report 2023 via the company's official website, in order to provide its various stakeholders with an understanding of its sustainability-oriented initiatives. The Canon Sustainability Report 2023 (English edition) is available here:

As standards for disclosing sustainability-related information continue to evolve, this year's Sustainability Report follows the International Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines revised in 2021, listing major challenges regarding environmental and social impact, organized by priority. In addition, through dialogue with entities based outside Japan, the company aims to provide a wealth of information in its Sustainability Report. Furthermore, Canon Inc. aims to expand the disclosed data regarding its human-resource strategies, as well as improve the reliability of its environmental data, which has been verified by third-party auditors.

Until last year, the Canon Sustainability Report also included the Canon Integrated Report, which contains information on the company's business performance, financial health, environmental, social, and corporate governances (ESGs), and other related content. As of this year, the Canon Sustainability Report and the Canon Integrated Report have been published separately, with the former focusing on Canon's sustainability related initiatives. With this change, Canon aims to provide readers with more valuable information on content relevant to their interests.

The Canon Integrated Report 2023 (English Edition) can be found here:

The Integrated Report primarily focuses on explaining issues of great interest to Canon's stakeholders — primarily investors and shareholders — such as the company's long-term vision and business strategies.

The Canon Integrated Report 2023 explains the company's strategies and initiatives regarding its business, R&D, human resources, finances and intellectual property intended to "accelerate our productivity improvement and corporate portfolio transformation through new business creation," the basic policy for Phase VI (2021-2025) of Canon's Excellent Global Corporation Plan series of five-year business plans.

In addition, the report contains information about issues of significant importance to Canon and initiatives designed to address such issues, including its relationship with the environment and society, as well as corporate governance.

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