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Canon Adds Two WideTEK Scanners From Image Access

Canon Adds Two WideTEK Scanners From Image Access

Building off the success of its large format printer portfolio, Canon U.S.A. Inc. has announced the addition of two large format scanners to its imagePROGRAF printer portfolio, the Image Access WideTEK 36CL CIS scanner and 48-inch CCD scanner. The Image Access WideTEK 36CL CIS scanner is ideal for scanning text documents and CAD drawings up to 36 inches wide, and the Image Access WideTEK 48 CCD scanner designed for scanning artwork, photographs and related images up to 48 inches wide.

The WideTEK 36CL is one of the fastest color CIS scanners on the market, running at up to 10 inches per second at 200 dpi in full color with scanning speeds that are 15 inches per second in black-and-white or greyscale mode. The WideTEK 36CL produces extraordinarily sharp images, with high color accuracy, even superior to competing CCD scanners on the market today. Document rotation is done on the fly, a scan of an E-sized / A0 document in portrait mode at up to 200 dpi in 24-bit color takes 10 seconds to scan and another two seconds to crop and deskew, preview and store.

The WideTEK 48 CCD scanner can digitize graphics documents up to 48 inches wide at astonishingly fast speeds. Perfect for large format scanning in offices or for production service providers scanning high volumes. This scanner utilizes special transport rollers that serve as pressure points ensuring safe document transport for historical and fragile documents. The unique background drum does not touch the glass plate at any time, designed to avoid scratches and document skews. To achieve extra contrast on sepias and film-based documents, the standard black drum can be easily exchanged with a white drum, with no tools required.

These scanners are an addition to Canon's current lineup of imagePROGRAF, ColorWave and PlotWave multifunction technical document solutions. The 48-inch CCD scanner is aimed at the graphics, photography and fine art markets and is a great complementary solution to the Canon imagePROGRAF PRO and GP photographic and graphics printers. While the 36-inch CIS scanner is a great add-on to existing customers who are printing technical documents and did not purchase a MFP solution.

The Scan2Net platform is the technological foundation of all WideTEK scanners. It replaces the proprietary scanner drivers and software that traditional scanners require with the fastest common, nonproprietary interdevice connection available: TCP/IP over Ethernet. With network interface speeds much higher than USB 3.0 or camera link, Scan2Net devices reach unrivaled performance at extremely low connectivity cost. Scan2Net scanners feature a 64-bit Linux-based real-time operating system, dedicated to scanner-specific imaging and mechanical control tasks, maximizing scanning speeds and performance. This makes them true standalone systems that are capable of scanning at high speed directly to FTP servers, hot folders, USB drives, cloud applications or copying to printers directly, without the need for an extra PC.

Both the WideTEK 36CL CIS scanner and WideTEK 48 CCD scanners feature a 7-inch high-resolution multitouch screen to perform all the scanner functions without the need for a computer.

Additionally, a full HD 22-inch touch-screen monitor is available to add on to each model. For the 36-inch and 48-inch scanners, the monitor attaches to a sturdy arm that affixes to the included WT36/48-STAND and all cables can be hidden inside the arm.

For the 36-inch scanner, there is the option of a screen bridge. The WideTEK Screen Bridge allows positioning a full HD 22-inch touch screen on top of the 36-inch scanner. The monitor bridge is mounted to the sides of the scanner and spans across the top. With this mounting method, the footprint stays the same, so no additional space is needed and there is enough space for documents to be returned to the front.

"In expanding Canon's successful large format portfolio with the introduction of the Image Access WideTEK 36CL and WideTEK 48 scanners, we're not just advancing technology; we're empowering businesses to effortlessly archive and digitize their most intricate documents," said Shinichi "Sam" Yoshida, executive vice president and general manager, Canon U.S.A. Inc. "These scanners epitomize our commitment to innovation, speed and precision, ensuring that every detail, from delicate artwork to complex CAD drawings, is captured with unparalleled accuracy. This expansion marks another milestone in Canon's dedication to delivering transformative solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers across diverse industries."

In other news, Canon U.S.A. Inc. has garnered recognition as a 2024 ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year award winner for Sustained Excellence from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy.

Reserved for ENERGY STAR partners that demonstrate outstanding leadership in energy efficiency, the Sustained Excellence designation was again earned by Canon, which was cited for their efforts in working to improve the energy efficiency of its products.

The recognition exemplifies Canon's leading contributions and strategic partnership with ENERGY STAR for more than 30 years, offering more than 200 ENERGY STAR-certified products and further demonstrates Canon's commitment to its Kyosei philosophy. The award also marks the ninth consecutive time (2016-present) that Canon has won the esteemed Partner of the Year Award.

"It is an honor for Canon to once again earn an ENERGY STAR Partner of the Year Award for Sustained Excellence," said Shinya Fukuda, vice president and general manager, Canon U.S.A. Inc. "To earn continuous recognition for nine consecutive years for our commitment and dedication to energy efficiency is very meaningful as we continue to apply our Kyosei philosophy in working to fulfill our company's mission while simultaneously respecting the environment."

Each year, the ENERGY STAR program honors a select group of businesses and organizations that have made outstanding contributions in energy efficiency. ENERGY STAR award winners demonstrate dedication to leadership in the production, sale and adoption of energy-efficient products, homes, buildings, services and strategies.

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