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BTA Members: Let BTA Help You Cut Your Shipping Expenses

BTA Members: Let BTA Help You Cut Your Shipping Expenses

The Business Technology Association (BTA) understands that managing your shipping costs can be a challenge, which is why we want to help our members save money and streamline their shipping processes.

In 2022, our UPS Savings Program helped BTA members save a total of $329,591* on their shipping expenses. From small packages to pallets, UPS offers a variety of shipping services and tools that can help you cut costs and increase productivity.

With its expertise and flexibility, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are shipping efficiently. To take advantage of our member-only savings, sign up for a new account at or simply re-enroll and apply our savings to your existing UPS account.

Member savings include:

  • 50% off Domestic Next Day / Deferred
  • 30% off Ground Commercial / Residential
  • Up to 50% off International Imports / Exports
  • Plus, savings start at 75% on LTL Freight shipping services

Start Saving

InsureShield® Shipping Protection Has Your Shipments Covered

One of the biggest frustrations with shipping is when a shipment gets damaged or doesn't arrive at all. You waste time chasing carrier payments and often times can end up empty handed.

Fortunately, you have an available tool to ensure your shipments are covered. Simply enter the value of your goods in the declared value* field of your UPS® approved shipping system and you are on your way to better shipping experiences.

Start covering your shipments today 

Additional Member Resources: Get UPS Smart Pickup® Service For Free

Combine the convenience of a recurring pickup with the flexibility of an on-demand pickup. UPS will come to your business only when you have a package to ship.

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Terms and Conditions: 
© 2023 United Parcel Service, UPS, UPS Capital, InsureShield, the UPS brandmark, and the color brown are trademarks of United Parcel Service of America, Inc. All rights reserved. *Includes UPS Small Pack, UPS Freight, UPS GFP, and UPS SCS shipments for the full 2022 year. Savings calculation is based on discount amounts for service levels when compared to UPS 2022 daily rates.

The insurance coverage is offered by Gallagher Affinity through UPS Capital Insurance Agency, Inc., both licensed insurance producers. If you elect protection for your shipment, it will be insured under a policy of insurance (the “Policy”), but you are not an insured under the Policy. In the event of a loss covered under such Policy, any resulting claim payment will be directed to you as a loss payee. All insurance-related information is provided by UPS Capital and does not in any way alter or amend the terms, conditions, or exclusions of the Policy. Insurance coverage is not available in all jurisdictions or on all shipments.

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