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TD SYNNEX Launches Destination AI Program to Support Partner Enablement

TD SYNNEX Launches Destination AI Program to Support Partner Enablement

TD SYNNEX has launched Destination AI, a comprehensive, strategic aggregation of the many TD SYNNEX artificial intelligence (AI) services and resources available to help partners gain a competitive edge.

According to a global survey published by McKinsey & Company earlier this month, 40% of respondents say their organizations expect to increase overall AI investment.

"As the AI momentum continues to grow, TD SYNNEX is here for our partners as the destination for all AI and machine learning opportunities across the technology ecosystem," said Lisa McGarvey, vice president of data, AI and IoT solutions, TD SYNNEX. "Deploying advanced analytics and AI technologies have amplified additional strategic opportunities for our reseller partners, allowing them to drive adjacent sales and use cases across industry sectors."

Destination AI is the evolution of TD SYNNEX's data analytics, AI and IoT/Edge solutions strategy to help partners stay ahead of marketplace demands that continue to grow at a rapid pace. As part of this strategy, TD SYNNEX has more than 40 AI vendors as part of their catalog of prevalidated, ready-to-deploy solutions available to partners at all stages of their data maturity journeys.

The main components of Destination AI include:

  • Enablement assets and resources aligned to industry relevant use cases to accelerate go-to-market strategies
  • Reference architectures and prevalidated, deployment-ready solutions tied to key sales plays
  • Ongoing drumbeat of AI-focused enablement via AI Practice Builder and vertical education
  • AI solution demos and POV support
  • A pool of technical AI and Edge intelligence subject-matter experts for support throughout the sales cycle
  • Services augmentation for assessments and implementation support

"TD SYNNEX is uniquely positioned within the technology ecosystem to help partners deliver advanced analytics, AI, machine learning, generative AI and Edge solutions due to our industry and vertical expertise and our solutions aggregation methodology," McGarvey said. "We are able to support multivendor solutions with best-of-breed services, software, hardware and Edge devices to address today's market demands."

In other news, TD SYNNEX has announced the launch of a data-driven Partner Health and Fitness tool that provides reseller partners like MSPs, VARs and ISVs with insights into their diversification across the TD SYNNEX portfolio. Specifically, the assessment provides these partners new information to help guide their high-growth technology offerings in ways that will unlock new business opportunities and support their customers' digital transformation journeys.

Partner Health and Fitness features a dashboard that provides partners with metrics to gauge their offerings against other TD SYNNEX partners across the technology business partner ecosystem that are also participating in high-growth areas like cloud, cybersecurity, AI and IoT, and hyperscale infrastructure. Anyone who has transacted within the NextGen or Advanced Solutions portfolio has access to their own dashboard.

"At TD SYNNEX, we are consistently exploring new ways to drive value for our customers, and what better way than to provide them insights into their businesses through the data we see at the center of the technology business partner ecosystem," said Stacy Nethercoat, executive vice president of advanced solutions, TD SYNNEX. "We know partners have many considerations when trying to identify business opportunities that will maximize growth. This tool provides compelling and actionable competitive insights that can guide their decision-making when it comes to diversifying their portfolios."

Partner Health and Fitness provides partners with scores that reflect a comparison to the broader scores of TD SYNNEX's extensive base of partners participating in the high-growth technology segments being analyzed. Composite scores are aggregated on a bell curve, which enables the partner being assessed to see how their performance compares with the rest of the industry.

Some examples include:

  • The average partner scores 58 out of 100 on the Enterprise score, covering all of advanced solutions
  • The average partner scores 31 out of 100 on the NextGen score, covering high-growth technologies like cloud, security, IoT and data analytics

"Our custom algorithm looks at a multitude of factors, including volume, portfolio mix, digital transformation growth and others, to drive value to partners in through data-driven business insights that only TD SYNNEX can provide," Nethercoat said. "As a result, partners receive an honest assessment of their benchmark as compared to peers."

The Partner Health and Fitness assessment is currently open to U.S.-based partners, and TD SYNNEX is evaluating expansion to other regions in the Americas and in Europe. The team hopes to customize the algorithm for each region to provide a country- or region-specific set of data that is beneficial to those customers.

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