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TD SYNNEX Cloud Labs Accelerates Vendor Go-To-Market Efforts

TD SYNNEX Cloud Labs Accelerates Vendor Go-To-Market Efforts

TD SYNNEX has launched TD SYNNEX Cloud Labs, a solution designed to accelerate the go-to-market process for vendors by providing a virtualized environment for proof-of-concept (PoC) demonstrations at cloud scale.

TD SYNNEX Cloud Labs offers a virtualized environment that supports independent software vendors (ISVs) to address the growing challenges faced by the industry in delivering flexible, scalable and cost-efficient PoC environments. The visibility into product performance is specifically instrumental in validating purchasing decisions.

"As cloud adoption continues to reshape business operations, the need for robust cloud-native infrastructure has become increasingly critical," said Peter Zonneveld, vice president of global solutions aggregation and innovation, TD SYNNEX. "Cloud Labs represents a significant leap forward in addressing the challenges vendors face in this landscape. According to CSO Insights, 92% of buyers want to know how the product can add value early in the sales cycle. By providing a solution that meets the vendors' needs where they are in their product life cycle, we empower vendors to bring their solutions to market faster and more effectively."

Leveraging TD SYNNEX's global solutions aggregation and automation expertise, Cloud Labs serves as a simulated production environment, enabling vendors and partners within the IT channel to bring products to market faster and at scale through showcasing product features and services seamlessly to end users. Vendors are empowered with the flexibility to stand up the environment through any of the leading cloud providers.

Additional Cloud Labs features and benefits include:

  • Cost Efficiency: Eliminates the need for costly lab environments and infrastructure management, reducing resources needed for support and maintenance.
  • Cloud Scalability: Provides flexibility and adaptability to virtual PoC and product demonstration processes.
  • Time Savings: Shortens sales cycles, saving hours of time and increasing ROI.
  • Ease of Use: Enables vendors to create even the most complicated PoC environments with just a few clicks.
  • Pay-per-Use Model: Vendors pay only for the resources used, optimizing cost-effectiveness.
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